Instuctions for Using the Bass Lake WebCams
The following provides a short tutorial on how to use the cameras.

Panasonic Cameras:
The standard Front Window webcam and the Desktop webcam are Panasonic webcams. The first time you access the camera you will be asked to download an Active-X addin. This is a Panasonic provided program that gives you control over the pan, tilt, brightness, and other features of the camera. Without it you will not be able to access the camera. You will be asked to login using the general user username and password. Once the camera screen comes up, you will have access to all the controls listed for each camera. If you want to access either camera from your own browser you will need to use the following URLs:
Front Window...""
Basslake1 is located on the hallway desktop to permit viewing of the electronics and is now locked to the general public. Basslake2 is located in the front window facing the lake. The front window camera has low light capability and 21x optical zoom and is a Panasonic model BB-HCM580A while the desktop camera is a Panasonic model BL-C30A. If you Google Panasonic's website you can find the manuals for each.

Foscam Camera:
The specific URLs for these cameras should you want to access them directly from your browser are:
North (FI9810)...""
Garage (FI9810)...""
Front Window Backup (FI9826P)...""
Driveway (FI9826P)...""
These webcams all use the same username and password as the other cameras and please note that like the Desktop Panasonic webcam, the Front Window Backup webcam is locked to the general public. It is there due to the age of the Front Window Panasonic and in case that webcam fails while we're gone. You will be asked to load a small plugin program for these cameras the first time you log in to access the control module software. It is from ShenZhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. Just follow the prompts to load these programs. Be sure to click on the correct login method depending on your browser ("Active X" for IE and "Server Push" for Mozilla Firefox). I have disabled the bi-directional audio capability in these cameras while we are there so the microphone and speaker icons do not function. These cameras have an IR CUT Filter to help with indoor night vision capability. It is turned on and off with the icons containing an eye symbol. When this camera is pointed outdoors, the IR capability is worthless since it only works to about 12 feet from the lens. If turned on by accident in low light conditions, it will flood the double pane window washing out any image. You can use the snapshot and full screen icons with these cameras. If you are on a slower internet connection, try reducing the FPS (frames per second) streaming rate down a little for better performance. These cameras are not as user friendly as the Panasonics so please keep that in mind while using them.

Summertime Restrictions:
Some cameras are blocked in their pan angle while we are present (April through October) so you can't see me napping on the couch. At other times feel free to pan to any available angle and let us know if you see something strange going our furniture being hauled out. Also please note that due to popular demand, the North webcam will be disabled while anyone is staying at the cottage next door. To do this it will simply be unplugged and the snapshot image shown on the leadin webpage will not be updating even though it may look current. HAVE FUN!