Instuctions for Using the Bass Lake IP Cameras

There are 6 IP Cameras in use at Bass Lake as follows:
Front Window...Panasonic
Front Window Backup...Foscam

The easiest way to view these cameras is on the top level camera webpage for Bass Lake called BL_Camera_Top.php. Here you will see a current image from each IP Camera that updates at approximately once every 15 seconds. Since these images are somewhat limited in size, I have provided a linked capability to a larger view of the image, one at a time. Simply click on the picture image and you will see another webpage displayed with that image as a full screen image. These larger single images update approximately once every 3-4 seconds to better provide a near real-time viewing capability. Back on the initial webpage, you will notice a link in blue under each image. By clicking on this link you will be forwarded to the login dialog for that camera. Fill in the username and password fields and you will be taken to the IP Camera's control page and image. Since the login provides operator capabilites, you will be permited to pan, tilt, select preset views, etc. Please do not reset any preset scenarios, just select a number and click on "go".

If you would rather access these cameras from a browser without going through my website, simply enter the URL listed above to directly access the login dialog. You may be asked to load a plugin to display the real-time video. These are safe and their addition is straight forward...just follow the prompts. Notice that in the upper band of a browser, you may be asked to allow a plugin in order for the controls to work properly and to access the cameras.

If you want to add these IP cameras to an app on your smartphone, I recommend use of TinyCam Monitor on Android phones and Baby Monitor for IOS phones. Both apps are free, take up to 6 cameras at once, and are offered by Tiny Solutions, LLC. It's a straight forward procedure to add the cameras. I can send you a short document on how to do it, or you can enter the required data fields from the URL's and data above. Use the usual username and password and the corresponding data fields are as follows:

Camera Name: Get from data above (ex: South)
Camera Manufacturer: Get from data above (ex: Foscam)
Camera Model: Get from data above (ex: Fl9826W)
Hostname: Get from URL above (ex:
Http Port: Get from URL above (ex: 50004)
External Hostname: Get from URL above (ex:
Http Port: Get from URL above (ex: 50004)
Username: Use usual username or ask me in an email
Password: Use usual password or ask me in an email

If any camera doesn't connect, just send me an email and I'll forward the document that explains this in more detail.


1. The Panasonic Front Window IP Camera is an exceptionally good low light camera with a 21X optical zoom. This camera was purchased in 2006 and is still going strong. A similar camera today would cost over $1000, so I'm nursing this one along even though it lacks some key features. In case it dies while we're gone, I've placed a cheaper camera in the front window as a backup. This backup actually has better resolution, but lacks the zoom capability. Unless the primary camera fails, the backup will not be available to the public except through its snapshots on my webpage.
2. When we're at the lake, I disable the two-way audio in these cameras. As we leave in the fall, I turn it back on. Note that the garage camera's two-way audio is on all the time, so if you hear me swear as I hit my thumb with a hammer just disregard that.
3. When we're at the lake, I use drapes, valences and boxes to block some areas of the pan and tilt on these cameras. So if you see a strange pattern, it's probably the back of a valence.
4. If you login through a browser and are asked to select a login method by the Foscam cameras, select Server Push.
5. The North camera covers the cottage back yard area, and due to popular demand, will be turned off when people are present at the cottage for privacy
6. The South and Driveway cameras (Foscam Fl9826W) have a known software bug but there is a work around. When logging in from a browser, the first attempt may timeout. If this happens, just enter the username and password again and it will work.
7. During winter months we leave our Spectrum internet service on, but on a vacation plan, that reduces the upload bandwith capacity. Keep this in mind as you may see some delays in response especially when using pan/tilt commands.

Well that about covers it. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. Also consider others that may be viewing the cameras. Since these cameras have limited upload bandwidth capability it's a good idea to not leave a camera streaming data to an used window.